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Affiliate Program

The G.A.S. Affiliate Program includes entrepreneurs, content creators and others who refer their entrepreneurial audience to Goodman Administration Services. The program is free to join and allows affiliates to monetize their audience and earn commissions from new referrals. 


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About the Affiliate Program

Affiliates earn a commission for qualifying purchases through driving traffic to Goodman Administration Services through a unique affiliate link. Commissions differ based on product category. 


Payments are issued on the fourth day of each month via bank transfer. The first payment is delayed by 30 days and the minimum payout is $20.00. 


Affiliates are provided a unique URL in their dashboard to promote products and earn commission. Cookie validity is for 10 days. This means if customers use your link and do not make a purchase but return to the site, without your link, you will received credit for the sale if the purchase is made within 10 days. 


We've made it easy. All affiliates are provided an Affiliate Kit with approved marketing materials and guidelines for referral marketing. Affiliates also have the option to simply share content from G.A.S. accounts. 

Earn money by referring your audience to products and services you believe in.