And You Can Quote Me on That: Ep1

Hey Partners!!

I've decided to start a new segment where I'll be taking a quote and attempting to equate it to business and/or entrepreneurship! I thoroughly enjoyed it but here's a bit of full transparency- being in front of a camera does not come naturally to me.

I've always been much more comfortable writing than speaking. This is why as a poet, I never ventured into spoken word and why I've avoided going "live" like the plague. Plus my normal speaking voice is pretty monotone!

God really has a sense of humor! lol

So why even bother getting in front of a camera, Kelly?

Well, Shirley, it's because it allows me to better connect with you. I want you to know that Goodman Administration Services = Real Person. A person that knows progress and growth come from being uncomfortable... very, very, very uncomfortable.

And let's not even talk about how many takes it took and how at the end I was

Yep, that's right- completely done for and resolved to give all 7 of you whatever that last take produced.

So here you go- good intentions with a huge helping of bad nerves!

Mr. King, I'm so sorry to have been this terrible during Black History Month...

I hope that in time, we can all look back on this and see how much I've relaxed and improved. My family and friends have been pretty forthcoming with their "tips."

Comment below and let me know what you think!